Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flow (Flussi). Now it's cleared (Nulla Osta), now what I have to do?

I am an employer, I applied for the flow (Flussi) and finally I reached the meeting for the withdrawal of the authorization. What are the next steps for the worker to arrive in Italy?

One-stop immigration, exhausted the investigation completed, the employer calls for delivery of clearance and entering into a contract to stay. At that time the employer must go personally carrying two stamps from 14.62 (one is indicated at the time the electronic application),
-a copy of the worker's passport,
-copy of identity document,
-request / certificate of housing.

If the employer is unable to travel to the headquarters of one-stop shop for the withdrawal of the authorization is the possibility to delegate another person. However, it is necessary to distinguish:

- If he is cleared to work in the home just a simple proxy, provided it is accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document, if the counter goes to a relative of the employer within the first degree (spouse, child, parent);
- If there is no impediment to employment is a necessary power of attorney.

In both cases, the proxy / power of attorney should be expressly stated that the delegate is entitled to the withdrawal of clearance and the signing of the contract to stay for work. It should be borne in mind that each one-stop shop can provide a different practice and we recommend that, where appropriate, inquire beforehand.

  •         Sending Clearance (Nulla Osta).

Once collected the original clearance (and signed a contract to stay), the employer must make a copy and send the original to the employee in the foreign country of residence, this will have to go to the Italian Consulate to submit the request for visa input to work.

Please note that if the worker has to enter Italy is Filipino or Thai, the employer, before sending the clearance abroad, must provide a sort of "certification".

Philippine law requires, in fact, that the clearance of the Philippines Consulate in Italy to affix the stamp of the POE, namely the Philippine Labor Office. Without this stamp, to be requested directly at the Consulate, the employee will get the visa by the Italian but the border authorities of the Philippines will deny exit.

Thailand, however, has made the issue more complicated. A recent ministerial provision stated that the citizen has to enter Italy with a work visa, must submit to the local border authorities, the contract of "pre-employment", signed by the employer in Italy and legalized by the Thai Consulate.

In these cases, the employer must then go to the consulate that the legalization of the employment contract and clearance issued by the OSS. The problem arises only when the door fails to deliver a copy of the contract signed with the employer (even here there are several practices) then in these cases or trying to at least have a "certified copy" directly from the ATM, or you prepare a contract work with the same conditions as described in the application, which can represent a commitment by the employer hiring the employee.

  •  Entry into Italy.
After obtaining an entry visa for work the worker is entitled to enter Italy, and within 8 days mandatory, must go to the One Stop Shop for immigration to sign the contract of residence and request the issuance of the permit.

Warning: If the employer at the time of withdrawal of authorization, did not request the certificate or the suitability housing, employment must deliver it here, otherwise the OSS can not proceed to contract signature and improvement of practice.

The official one-stop shop delivery to the postal worker kit has already been completed for submission to a post office and authorized book an appointment at the police headquarters for the relief of finger prints, in order to obtain a residence permit.

The worker must then go personally and with a valid identity document in a post office enabled ("ATM friend") and send the envelope and forms prepared by the OSS, however, attach a copy: work contract, clearance, passport worker, document identity of the employer and the tax code, or request the certificate of accommodation. They must pay a € 27.50 per sheet to print the permit, € 30.00 for the cost of handling the matter and bring a revenue stamp of € 14.62.

The Post Office issues a "special" postal receipt which is the only valid way to stay in the Italian territory until the release of the final permit, with safety requirements and which contains the access codes (Code and Code of Insured Hologram ) to the 'reserved area to know the progress of the case.

  • Recruitment,
Only then the employer may proceed with the formal assumption of the worker making the communication, at least one day before the start of employment, by using IT systems and using only the model UNILAV the Employment Centre. If it comes to housework, you can also send the unified model by other means (fax, registered letter, hand delivered, internet).


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do u have a lists of released nulla osta this year 2011