Monday, October 25, 2010

Picierno: Give Permits of Stay to victims of exploitation

Government asked to protect victims of exploitation ,

13th January 2010: The Government has been asked to give Permits of Stay to illegal immigrants who were working and living in inhuman conditions in Rosarno.

MP Pina Picierno of the Democratic Party who visited the illegal immigrants at the immigration detention centre in Bari after their violent revolt, criticized the way the Government handled the issue.

Instead of addressing the issue of violation of basic human rights and workers’ rights, the Government decided to use force to transfer victims of exploitation and racial violence from the area, she said.

Home Affairs Minister Roberto Maroni has in fact said that all illegal immigrants who took part in the revolt will be deported. “It isn’t possible to talk of legality if we are not in a position to defend these people from what happened to them, which can happen again in the future,” Ms. Picierno said.